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The roof, just like any other parts of the house, is prone to damage. It's also exposed outside, so it's even more vulnerable to wear and tear. Leaving a damaged roof can bring serious disasters, so make sure to treat small damages right away before they get worse

There are elements that contribute to roof problems.

1. The sun's UV rays can deteriorate the roof over time. Asphalt shingles are more vulnerable to this. The sun can dry, crack, and loosen the surfaces until the roof falls off from the ceiling.†

2. Snow and ice can wreak havoc. The water that freezes in the roof can lift the shingles and cause more water to fall into it.

3. The wind can be strong enough to lift shingles and tear them completely.

4. Beware of overhanging tree limbs as they can tear off the roof's protective top layer.

5. Birds can also damage the roof, especially woodpeckers that can create holes along the eaves.†

6. Termites, carpenter ants, and other gnawing insects can eat up your roof and fascia boards as they look for preys.

7. The flashing along the edge of the roof can make water drip in and cause damage.

8. Clogged or broken gutters can trigger more serious damages. Water cannot flow well, and it sits there until the roof rots.

9. A poorly ventilated attic can shorten the life of a roof. During hot or warm months, the heat of the sun can dry up the shingles until they become brittle.

10. Lack of roof maintenance is the wors't enemy. It's the fault of homeowner, though. Homeowners must make sure to do maintenance check on their roof maybe thrice a month. they must be responsible enough to check the things that will contribute to further roof damage.

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31 Aug 2015

Metal roofs are a lot cheaper than other roofing materials, but they normally suffer from oxidation and rust buildup. Oxidation does not necessarily cause problems, and itís the same thing with rust. The thing, however, is you would want to remove any traces of wear and tear that destroy your roofingís aesthetic appeal. †

Here are some of the solutions that can possibly restore your metal roof:


Sandblasting to strip rust and paint†on the metal roof will give satisfying results. While this method is used largely in industrial sectors, it also works well on metal roofing. Others, however, do not want this because it can be expensive and time consuming. You can either hire sandblasting services or opt for do-it-yourself. When doing it on your own, you may rent a sandblasting machine and then carry out the work. Please remember that sandblasting wonít improve the condition of the metal roof thatís already been damaged by rust; otherwise, this condition requires replacement.

Chemical treatment

Modern chemical treatments are safe for both users and the environment. Chemical treatments work well on roofs with mild oxidation and are the quickest option. Considered as the chemical counterpart of sandblasting, chemical rust treatments remove the oxidation buildup from metal roofing quickly and easily. Once youíve bought the chemical, spray it to the affected area and allow the solution to dry for a few hours. When dry, wash it away with water and the remains of the rust will go away. The downside, however, is the added risk of rust build up in the future. The chemicals can also become expensive.

Conversion Spray

Itís the most accessible and cheapest way to solve oxidation problems, but this is used only when you have plans to repaint or restore the roof.† The spray can be bought from hardware stores. Apply the spray to the oxidized areas and allow it to sit in there until dry. The rust will become a solid protective surface that you can paint†

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27 Aug 2015
Asphalt shingles and metal roofs are two of the most common materials in roofing. There are, however, pros and cons of these two materials. Find out!

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27 Aug 2015
The outside finishing of a house is easy to repair. You can simply go for†sandblasting the house exterior†. You can just choose a new paint color, hire a company offering sandblasting services, or opt for do-it-yourself.

However, if the roof becomes worn out and broken, you need to hire professional roofers because this job is complex, especially for beginners. The roof is very important as it protects everyone in your home from sunlight and rain.

Before further disasters happen, you must know when to have your roof replaced. Check out this infographic!

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02 Aug 2015
Did you know that the color of the roof has effects to the environment?

As simple as choosing between black and white roofs can help save the environment. Black roofs are said to contribute to global warming, while white roofs lower the temperature.

Find out more from this infographic
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02 Aug 2015